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Data Scientist

Learn to build software using the latest technologies in computer science Get to be a great programmer not just a user of tools. Work on real live challenging projects in a team.
Learn with the best. Team: Emeritus Stanford CS Professor Thomas O Binford and a team of top experience software engineers from top US Universities and IITs with over 10 years on Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Big Data and with experience building complex products. They are the Teaching Assistance/ Trainers/ Software Coaches on the classes. (Team)
This is an intensive full time on site training course, 4 months course to develop real programming skills. (Monday - Friday 10am to 6pm). No short cuts.

Duration : 4 Months

  • C++
  • Python
  • Algorithms
  • R
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning (ML)


  • Minimum 2 year experience in C
  • Solid CS fundamentals
  • Have built programs of medium size and complexity
  • Understand Algorithm
  • Btech in CS  and 2 years’ experience in programming in C

Schedule (Full Time Course):
Monday to Friday ( 10am to 6pm)
Lunch will be provided

Schedule (Weekend Course) Sat-Sun:
Saturday & Sunday ( 10am to 6pm)

Internship (6 Months-invitation basis only)
After successful completion of Program, we have few slots for a selected number of students to continue on an internship at few of the startups in Bangalore.

Greater job opportunities working on challenging new technologies with great start ups and established companies that use Machine Learning, Computer Vision, AI to solve Big Data Problems or working on Intelligent applications for smart phone/tablets devices on Android and IOS.
Placements: We are working with various startups and technology companies to assist you with placements upon successful completion of the training program.


Upon successful and obtaining the required scores on the Training Course you will receive a certificate from our company that you have completed the course successfully and course contents. We do not provide degrees or official credits.

Training Environment:
We will provide you with an environment with the necessary course contents, links to installing the necessary software and tools and hands on assistance, lecture notes and programing projects with assessments. You will work on rotating teams. You are encouraged to collaborate, but any code and write-ups you hand in must be your own. This is a real hands on experience, full time on premises training and you have to be prepared to commit all the way.

The lectures are pre-selected from the top online lectures or developed by our team with increasing steps to develop your knowledge. Our team of experienced technical teaching assistants will provide you hands on technical guidance on building complex project assignments. We will have progressive assessments so you know what you know and what you need help on.

You are required to bring your own laptop (BYOD) with enough memory and disc space to install the compiler. You will have full online access to our documentation on our server

KIADB Bangalore IT Park, Near Bagalur, Bangalore North, near new Airport.

You have to commit full time and the vacations are only on the Holidays specified above. This is an intensive 4 months course and you have to be willing to commit to be part of the training on site FULL TIME.