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Why us
Learn to build software using the latest technologies in computer science Get to be a great programmer not just a user of tools. Work on real live challenging projects in a team.


Who we are
Emeritus Stanford CS Professor Thomas O Binford and a team of top experience software engineers from top US Universities and IITs with over 10 years of experience in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Big Data and with experience building complex products.


What we do
Machine Learning, Computer Vision, AI to solve Big Data Problems and working on Intelligent applications for smart phone/tablets devices on Android and iOS

Learn, Get Experience and Get Hired

  • Edu2code provides the best focus training in computer science with real experience in doing complex projects
  • We have the best team…. We are focus on high level training of the latest computer science technologies applied to real projects. Full time, hands on experience coding complex problems with guidance from the best team in Bangalore
  • Stanford CS Professor and top team of Software Engineers with over 10 years’ experience in complex projects from US Universities and top CS IITs, in Bangalore
  • Experience with real coding of complex projects
  • Startups and top technical companies in India like Amazon, Facebook , Google are actively hiring software engineers with experience in Algorithms, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
  • Top companies are eager to hire application and software engineers on cloud and mobile space with experience of complex projects
  • We work with top technical startups and with top MNC to help you land your great technical software job

Our Team

  • Prof. Thomas O. Binford

    Emeritus Professor Stanford University, Computer Science CTO, Co-Founder &…

  • Rahul

    M.Tech from Buffalo University US and with more than…

  • Lalit

    B.tech from IIT Kanpur, he has worked on Machine…

  • Abir

    B.Tech from IIT Karaghpur. He is a top developer…